Christmas wrap

I was looking for Christmas paper over the weekend. Of course opening the cupboard door meant shifting piles of papers and books aside to make room for the door to open. And then in the cupboard itself, dozens of empty boxes for computer accessories (just in case we have to send them back to the manufacturer), a stack of very old computer books (you never know when you might find a crucial piece of information in one), and boxes with labels like “Kitchen drawer”…you can imagine.

But the good news is I did find the wrapping paper, and P was inspired to throw out 10 years of Lee Valley catalogues, just in time to go in the recycling today (it’s being picked up right this minute). And the old computer books are now in a bag by the front door ready to go to the secondhand bookshop.

I was so impressed I decided to attack the bathroom cupboard and throw away all the expired stuff – half used bottles of hand cream, sunscreen that was so old it smelled bad, cough lozenges that were making a sticky mess in the drawer. According to my new best friend Erin ( it’s best to buy small containers of hand creams because we’re more likely to use them up before they go bad. So that’s my new motto. No more jumbo sized bottles (except for shampoo which we always use up).




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