Cassoulet or Cassolette?

Cassoulet or Cassolette?

Having no kettle, we decided that our first Bordeaux dinner should be in a warm restaurant. What better than a hearty bowl of Cassoulet? A look through the restaurants in our guidebook, and we found the perfect one. Reasonable prices, and the ability to mark on the placemat menu what we wanted. Having had Cassoulet once before we imagined choosing which ingredients would be added to our stew. Beans, some sort of meat, vegetables.

At the restaurant we found a table beside the window where we could see the square with the Christmas lights. It was a warm cheery place, and the staff were very helpful. We spent ten minutes with the dictionary trying to decide what to eat, confused because we couldn’t find the Cassoulet stew. Finally I waved the waiter over and asked if there was Cassoulet. He smiled and shook his head. Non! There is no Cassoulet. He wrote on my menu. This is what you want – Cassoulet. But we are the Cassolette restaurant – cassolette means plate. By now, it must have been 9pm (the afternoon nap lasted a bit longer than we intended but anyway, it is so French to eat this late), we were too hungry to think straight. So we got steak and chips, with salad, and shared apple crumble with French vanilla ice cream. Yum! I promise that next time we’ll be more adventurous.


4 thoughts on “Cassoulet or Cassolette?

    • Trying to get warm! It’s FREEZING! The espresso is excellent, but doesn’t last long enough to warm up cold toes. We did find a bar with an open fireplace, so might have to go back there for coffee today.

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