We’re here in Bordeaux

We arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon. Despite the snowy conditions, we landed a mere two hours late, and had plenty of time to make our train for Bordeaux, due to my extraordinary good planning (blind luck and a good deal on the train tickets). The most memorable part of the trip was when we boarded the connecting flight in Salt Lake City. The flight attendant was welcoming each passenger aboard, in English, but when he got to P, he switched to French. This sort of thing has happened before, in France. People approach P in the street and ask him for directions. It’s happened so many times that he knows to give them a shrug, hands in the air, and if that doesn’t work, he says, with his best Kiwi accent “Je suis, désolé. Je ne parle pas le français.” Anyway, we found it très amusant.

This morning, in Bordeaux, we went out in search of coffee and croissants. We found the market and a crispy pain au chocolat, walked until we found a grocery store, and then hightailed it back to the hotel to warm up. The iPod told us the temperature was -3 but we suspect it was a bit colder even. Brrrrr.

We had a delicious lunch of baguette and cheese, ham, carrot salad, and tabouleh, and a large mug of instant coffee. Yay for P remembering to bring the kettle. Perfect, we thought. But when we tried to make a second cup the kettle expired, quietly, without a flash or bang. No more kettle – so that’s on our list of things to do tomorrow after we get tickets for the tram. Tip for next time. Voltage in France is different than in Canada – duh!


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