Les toilettes

Grand hotel in Bordeaux

When I think of French public toilets, a few words come to mind – smelly, dirty, rustic, coarse, unsanitary, wet toilet seats, unidentified fluids, gross, appalling, disgusting, abominable…sumptuous? I’d forgotten how bad the toilets here can be. Take the one on the TGV from Paris to Bordeaux. Leaking. Greenish blue liquid seeping into the corridor. The smell of urine. No hand washing because there is no tap water (of course I’d already squirted soap onto my hands and rubbed them vigorously).

Out and about there are very few public toilets. I think people just dash into the nearest bar. I do that too, unless a better idea presents itself. Standing in front of the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux, I suddenly needed “the facilities”. I looked around. Stepped inside the Grand Theatre, which was crammed with people about to see the ballet Romeo and Juliet, but couldn’t see a sign for the toilets. Back outside, getting desperate, I saw the Grand Hotel. “Follow me,” I said to P. I waltzed inside, wearing my best French attitude, and found les toilettes downstairs. Notice the individual towelettes and gleaming urinal. Yep, this was the Mens’ toilets!

And then today, in Beziers, we stopped in a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Cleanest toilet in a Chinese restaurant anywhere!


3 thoughts on “Les toilettes

  1. Haha. Love it. Very posh Jenny. Rather more intimate than the one at Madonna Inn. At least I waited to be invited to enter before marching in!

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