St Nazaire cathedral

St Nazaire cathedral

One of the most striking buildings in Béziers is the St Nazaire cathedral. From the Canal du Midi, if you look up the hill to Béziers, you can’t help but notice it.

We were following the signs there yesterday, when we paused to take photos of a turret. Seeing us looking at it, a man stopped to tell us about it… A unique structure, museum worth a look… He rambled on, gesturing wildly. Wearing a square black and white scarf (think Lawrence of Arabia), a sheepskin leather jacket, and a Tibeten wooly hat, he seemed slightly mad. But when he noticed our blank looks, he asked if we spoke French. Just a little, and très mal, I admitted. Ahh, English? Oui. Turns out he was an English expat who has been here since 1980. There are supposedly lots of them in the Languedoc, but they’re not easy to spot.

Around the corner, we found the cathedral. The view out over the valley was spectacular, and really did look like god’s country, as our English friend had claimed. The church service was just finishing, so we had a quick look inside before being told they were closing up. Check out the pictures on Flickr.


One thought on “St Nazaire cathedral

  1. Apropos only of the fact that you happen to be in France, I include the following chuckle, which I read in Manchester’s biography of Churchill.

    “There is a jeu d’esprit that Frenchmen tell – though only to one another – of how, when God created the earth, he wanted one perfect place, so he made France. Then, seeing what he had done, he decided he had gone too far, so he made Frenchmen.”

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