Cassoulet, vraiment


Remember our last attempt to eat Cassoulet? This time, success! Today we caught the train to Carcassonne. When we got to the old city, the first thing we saw after all the souvenir shops, was a dozen restaurants serving Cassoulet. All that research online and somehow I’d missed this vital piece of information! Cassoulet is a specialty in the Aude department, and Carcassonne is in Aude.

As you can probably guess from the photo, we had Cassoulet for lunch. Hearty and warm, made from white beans, duck and sausages, it was the perfect lunch on a chilly winter day. The souvenir shops sell it by the can, but we weren’t tempted. A can just seems wrong.

We saw our second St Nazaire, wandered the ramparts and between the two walls, which is where they used to practice jousting. Some of you might remember a friend of mine who used to do bicycle jousting (yes, really!) The most amazing thing to see was the repairs that have been made over the centuries. Looking at the city walls is like seeing the strata of a canyon, with the layers of different stones and bricks added over hundreds of years.

Finished the day off with a Mille Feuille (custard square with layers of custard and pastry). Yum!


One thought on “Cassoulet, vraiment

  1. Sounds (and looks!) like a yummy day! Sounds like you guys are having a really good time (yes, I am green with envy!). We look forward to your Paris adventures! (Yes, I know — way too many excalmations!!!! — but it is only after 7am and I just had my double expresso latte!)

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