Mobilis no good for the airport

Metro tickets

We needed to get to the airport and back yesterday, plus trip around within Paris. I’d read online that you could get a day pass that did all this, including unlimited trips in town. Feeling brave, I asked for a ticket for one day for Zones 1 to 6, for two people (the airport is in Zone 5). After some issues with the credit card (machines here seem to take about 5 minutes to connect to the network), I got the two tickets. A little bit cheaper than I expected, but that’s a bonus, I thought.

All was well until we got to the airport. The ticket wouldn’t let us through the gate, but since the RER wasn’t running right through to Terminal 2, everyone was being ushered onto a shuttle tram, so we were directed through a gate, and didn’t think any more about it. Until we tried to get on the train to go back to town. The machine refused the ticket. Fortunately there was a controller standing nearby. “No madam. Mobilis is no good for the airport.” But it’s good for Zones 1 to 6! What do you mean, no good for the airport? “You must have a special ticket for the airport. I am sorry for you.”

17€ later, we were back in business.

Tip of the day: If you need to go out and back to Charles de Gaulle airport, you want the Paris Visite 1-6 Zone ticket, not the Mobilis 1-6 Zone ticket.


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