Crazy parking


The first time we were in France, sitting outside a bar in a little town across the river from Avignon in Provence, we watched in amazement as a chap in a delivery van pulled up outside the building next door, put his flashers on, and strode inside.

Not so different than here, you think. But this was on a one way street and there was absolutely no room to pass.

A minute later a car pulled up behind him, cut his engine and sat patiently waiting. We couldn’t believe it – no honking of horns, no waving of arms, no swearing in a loud voice. We waited to see what would happen. Surely there would be a confrontation?

Twenty minutes passed, and finally the first chap reappeared, jauntily circled round to the driver’s door, waved at the chap behind, hopped in, and drove away. The second chap started his car and drove off.

Honestly, the French confound me. In some respects, they take their social rules very seriously – remember the Mon Dieu incident. But parking on street corners and blocking traffic – these rules, not so rigid.

Yes – all those cars in the photo above are parked!

See more parking photos on Flickr.


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