Who is responsible?

Fitness Model 1I’ve been going to the YWCA off and on since we moved to Victoria. Mostly I’ve used the weight circuit, treadmills, sometimes the rowing machines, and I’ve run with a group from the Y. I’ve never done any of the drop-in classes. Aerobics and step classes make me feel like a klutz.

But recently I started taking a class with a friend because my motivation for going to the gym had reached an all time low and I thought that if I committed to meeting my friend there, I’d HAVE to go. Then, once I started moving, I wanted to do more and more. Endorphins – I love you!

So I wanted to check out all the classes, and to do that I needed to visit the Victoria Y website.

No worries, you’d think. I’m online, so I can just surf over there and see what’s happening.

But no! For the last two weeks (apparently it’s actually been going on for months,) I and other people in Victoria who use a certain ISP (internet service provider) cannot access the Victoria Y website.

Ridiculous, I thought. I’ll contact my ISP and they’ll sort it out.

On the first chat session, the support guy tried all the usual things (he told me to connect the computer directly to the modem, blah blah blah), assuming the problem was at my end. Eventually when he decided that I wasn’t the problem, he logged onto my computer remotely and traced the connection from my computer to the Victoria Y website. “Ahh, it fails outside our network,” he said. “Nothing we can do.” I talked to the Y. “The problem is not on our end.” I waited a week. I contacted my ISP again. Talked to another support person. Explained the problem and had him trace the connection again. Same thing.

Apart from being incredibly annoying, it got me thinking. Who is responsible? The fault is outside my ISP’s network. The server hosting the Victoria Y website isn’t the problem. Who decides what route my connection takes? Who owns those servers in that tangled-ball-of-string that makes up the Internet?

Who can fix this for me? Anyone?

Photo via Flickr user spunkinator

—Update 4 Feb, 2011 – It’s fixed. Wahoo!


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