Delicious – favorites and bookmarks

–Update 27 April, 2011

Delicious has been sold to the founders of YouTube. Be sure to follow the instructions here so you don’t lose your bookmarks when Delicious expires.

If you’re already using Delicious, you’re probably like me – you can’t imagine life without it. But if you’re still saving your Favorites in Internet Explorer or your Bookmarks in Firefox, let me tell you about Delicious.

[Wait! What’s a favorite or bookmark? – When you find a cool website that you know you’ll want to visit again, you can add it to your Favorites in Internet Explorer, or you can Bookmark it in Firefox.]

Okay, back to the beginning.

A couple of years ago I was working on a webhelp system. I had to test my help files in several different web browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari – so that I could check that my formatting looked good in all of them. Until then I’d always used Internet Explorer, because that’s what comes with Windows, and I’d not had any reason to download another browser.

Of course, once I had all these web browsers open, I started using them for surfing. When I discovered cool websites, I saved them as a favorite or bookmark in whichever browser I was in. Suddenly I had hundreds of favorites/bookmarks in different browsers and I had to remember which browser had my banking bookmarks, which one had running bookmarks, which one had writing bookmarks. Add to that the fact that I was using two computers – a desktop and a laptop. It was crazy. I was in a complete muddle. And then I read about Delicious.

Delicious keeps your favorites and bookmarks in the cloud, which is a fancy way of saying they’re online, rather than stored on your computer. You can import favorites and bookmarks from your browser, and then add new bookmarks directly to Delicious. You can make your bookmarks public, so that they’re shared with other people with similar interests, or you can make them private, so they’re just for you. I haven’t explored public bookmarks. If you have, let me know what you think!

The best thing about using Delicious is that you can access your bookmarks from any computer. Just go to the Delicious website and login.

The easiest way to add new bookmarks to Delicious is to download an add-on or plug-in, to add buttons to your toolbar. When you find a site you want to bookmark, you click the Tag button and add a tag to categorize the site so you can find it easily. For example, I use several library websites, so when I add a new library site, I tag it as library, then I can search using the library tag and see a list of the libraries I’ve bookmarked. It’s kinda like keeping things in folders, but more flexible.

Also, if you use the add-in or plug-in, you can click the Bookmarks button and open a sidebar to display all your bookmarks. This is much easier to use than the Delicious website.

So why not try it? Sign up for a Delicious account, import your favorites and bookmarks, and off you go.

* Note for the nerds. Yes, there was some fuss a few weeks ago about Yahoo no longer supporting Delicious, but last I heard, they have decided to find a new home for it rather than shut it down.


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