Urban dictionary or translator app?

I started using Twitter recently. In case you missed the revolution, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. What that means is that you can send messages of 140 characters to other Twitter users. Messages are short, sweet, and often bewildering.

The idea is to “follow” a bunch of interesting people to hear what they have to say. It’s a bit like status updates in Facebook, except that you can follow thousands of people, and there is no need to know any of them personally. Where Facebook is for following friends, Twitter is for following celebrities (although with Facebook fan pages that’s not really true anymore). But perhaps I’m being too cynical. You can also use Twitter to connect with communities of people who share your interests.

I’m not a huge fan, yet. Things happen too quickly and I don’t understand the language, as you’ll see.

Today I was looking at the statistics for my professional blog. I noticed that someone had shared a link to one of my posts on Twitter. Curious to see who tweeted it and why (this is a rare but exciting occurrence for a new blogger), I searched Twitter, and I found the tweet. Very cool! I thought. And then I read the tweet. “Mooie review…” followed by a bunch of hashtags (which are like keywords) and a link to my post.

Mooie? What the heck does that mean? So I googled it. And the Urban Dictionary offered me three definitions. Go ahead, go read them – I’ll wait.

I was a little bummed. Obviously my post was absolute rubbish, and now the whole world knew.

But I kept wondering, why would someone tweet a link to my post just to announce that it was awful? So I dug a little deeper. I looked up the guy’s Twitter profile and read a few of his other tweets. Some of them were in another language…Dutch.

Mooie in Dutch is NICE!

I think next time I’ll use the translator app first.


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