Keeping up-to-date with your favorite blogs

I’m a late adopter. When new things come out, I don’t pay them much attention because I’m used to making do with what I have. When I bought a video player, everyone else was buying a DVD player (okay, not quite, but DVD players were just around the corner). And so it was with using a large screen with my computer (you want to spend $700 on a screen – are you insane? For the record, I LOVED that screen for close to 10 years). And using two screens (a client couldn’t fathom how I worked on a laptop, and so to say thanks for a project she bought me a second monitor to plug into my laptop. Yet another case of how did I live without this?) And blogs. What the heck is a blog and why do I care?

I suspect I’m not the only one to have just discovered the incredible wealth of cool stuff in the blogosphere, so if you’re a late adopter like me, here are five tips to help you make the most of your favorite blogs.

1. Remember the blog address.
I think we all start out this way. You hear that a friend is blogging, and you know the URL for their blog. You remember it, and when you have time, you go to the blog to see what’s new. The problem with this method is that you have so much to do and so many things to remember, that life gets in the way. You end up missing the good posts, the ones the blogger wrote especially with you in mind. But you can always catch up, right? As the Kiwis would say – yeah, nah. Who has the time or inclination to go back and read the ten posts since last time you looked at a blog?

2. Add the blog as a Favorite/Bookmark.
When you follow a few blogs, remembering their addresses starts to become a problem. So I’d suggest, that when you find a cool new blog, save it as a Favorite or Bookmark, or use Delicious, so that you can find it again. There is nothing more annoying than remembering that you read something fascinating, and then digging through your browser history trying to find the site again. Been there, done that!

3. Share it.
These days Sharing is all the rage. You can click the Facebook Like or Share button to share an interesting story with your Facebook friends, Tweet it, Digg it, or Stumble it. In fact, there are hundreds of tools for sharing things with your friends, but just pick a couple that you find easy to use. (There are also ways of linking your different social networking tools so that when you do share something, it is shared with all your social sites, but I think that’s a story for another post.) Look for these buttons or something similar at the bottom of posts:

Some people follow blogs this way too. You follow a Facebook fan page for a blog, and when the blogger posts links on their fan page to new posts, you can open the link to the blogpost directly from Facebook. I do this sometimes too, but for the blogs I’m more serious about I like to be more assured that I’m getting all the posts (see the next two tips).

4. Subscribe by email.
Most blogs let you subscribe by email. That means you enter your email address, and from then on, new blogposts are sent to you directly by email. This is great, because it means that you never miss the posts from your favorite blogs. And bloggers love this because it gives them some idea of who their audience is, and they can tailor their blogposts to things you might find interesting.

5. Subscribe to a feed (RSS).
When you subscribe to more than a handful of blogs, you need a better way of checking your blogs. You don’t want all those blogposts cluttering up your email Inbox, getting in the way of email that you have to answer or act on. RSS feeds (real simple syndication) provide an XML feed that can be read by a feed reader, so all your blog feeds can be read in a single place. There are lots of feed readers, but two of the common ones are Outlook and Google Reader.

If you decide to use Outlook, look in the left pane for the RSS Feeds folder. Right-click on the folder and select Add a New RSS feed. Enter the address for the RSS feed for the blog. Usually the address ends in xml or rss. (If you need help with this, give me a yell.) Each feed that you add, appears in your RSS Feeds folder. Like with your email folders, when there are new posts, the feed name is bolded, and the number of new posts appears to the right.

If you decide to use Google Reader, sign into Google, and click on the Reader link. Then you can simply click the RSS button on the blog, and select Google, then Google Reader. You can sort the blogs into categories to make it easy to find your cooking blogs, your craft blogs, or your cycling blogs. But the best feature, is that if you click All Items, you can see the latest posts from all the blogs, in the order that they were posted. This makes it easy to scan through your blogs every day and see if any grab your attention. Or you can use a Google gadget on your iGoogle home page (if you happen to be a fan of iGoogle, which I am), so then you can see the 5 or 10 newest posts right there on your home page. I love this, because you can tell at a glance if there’s anything new. Here’s what my Google Reader gadget looks like:

Google Reader is like an Inbox for blogs, so like with your email, it’s good to check it every day to see what’s happening in the blogosphere.

There are hundreds of ways of managing the blogs you read. These are just a few to get you started. Let me know if you find another tool that works better for you. I’m trying to change my late adopter ways!


4 thoughts on “Keeping up-to-date with your favorite blogs

  1. Excellent post Jenny! I am new to blogging and, honestly, still can’t figure it out. I follow a few blogs but cannot figure out how to post on one of them- so frustrating. There is also the concern that this blogging thing might be a huge time waster…more valuable time spinning wheels on the internet…
    The hook for me is that blogging might be a great way to have discussions about practice in my field of work. So I will follow your directions and see if it will work better for me!

    • Hi Cathy!

      Well you successfully posted a comment here, so whatever you did worked just fine. Usually there is a Comments link and a text box, and you just enter your comment and follow the instructions. I don’t think that reading blogs is a time waster if you’re reading stuff you find interesting. It’s no different than reading books really. And if you can find some interesting work-related blogs, it can be a good way to join a community. To begin with, most people just read blogs, but if you comment, you can turn it from a static reading experience into a conversation, which can add another dimension to it.

      Have you thought about creating your own blog? You could post about your research and discoveries, or any topics that interest you, and try to start your own community. It’s super easy to set up a blog on Let me know if you want any help with it 🙂

  2. I may have the world’s most comprehensive bookmark file. I’ve been building it in my areas of interest and research for 14-years. e.g. I have a folder for BikeBlogs.

    That’s mostly how I keep track of blogs that interest me. I’ve only subscribed to 2 blogs via RSS. I probably should sign up to more.

    Of course, I check this great little blog regularly!

    • Great that you have a system and if that works for you, should definitely stick with it! I just find that bookmarking is not enough of a reminder to check them, whereas if I look at Google Reader every day, I can see at a glance when someone has posted something interesting. Glad you hear you check my blog regularly 🙂 Now if only I could convince you to subscribe… Perhaps if I wrote a post about bicycles? 🙂

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