Square foot gardening

I mentioned before that we’d decided to try growing some vegetables this year using the square foot gardening method.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been preparing our raised bed, well half of it, for the new garden. On Saturday we finally got the dirt mix into the bed and the strips nailed on to indicate where the “square feet” are (ok some of them aren’t that square, and they’re not necessarily a foot – but close enough right?)

The dirt is a mixture of three things – peat moss, compost, and vermiculite – a third of each. We mixed it up on a tarp, which worked surprisingly well. You dump all the ingredients on one end of the tarp, then pick up two corners of the tarp and walk towards the other end of the tarp. As you shift the tarp, the stuff mixes. The dirt is just 6 inches deep laid over the top of landscaping cloth, and the idea is that with this fresh dirt, we won’t get too many weeds. I like the sound of that!


Next we have to figure out what we’re going to grow. Definitely some herbs, lettuce, and squash. Perhaps we’ll try cauliflower and brocolli or some other green vegetables too. We’ll have to see what’s available.


8 thoughts on “Square foot gardening

  1. Next time try using coconut fibre or coir instead of peat moss. It is a much more sustainable product than peat moss. Costco sometimes carries it.Squash in a square foot is not the most desirable unless you can get it to trail up your fence – tit will take over. Lettuce is the best! Have fun.

    • Cool – good to know about the coconut fibre – we’ll look for that next time 🙂 Maybe we’ll stick the squash in the back half and let it keep the weeds down! I can’t believe how many have grown in the last two weeks.

  2. It looks really interesting, I look forward to seeing and hearing how things are growing, hope they keep to their own squre foot!

  3. We used to do that. Had a couple of beds that produced nice fresh herbs and salad fixins for the summer.

    Of course, that’s when we had a “back 40,” rather than a back 4.

    Amanda just tried to mow our little postage stamp lawn–quite a task with the push mower and recent sprout of hay! Maybe we should plant some carrots.

    • Yeah all that rain is making the grass grow even faster than normal. Any suggestions of things to plant that are prolific? Seems if we’re going to do all this work, we’d better get a bunch of veges for our effort!

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