Square foot gardening – update

Now that the weather is warming up, the plants are finally growing! We haven’t filled all our square feet yet, but here’s what we’ve got so far…
OK – this little guy isn’t organic, but pretty cute eh! Yep – he’s a pukeko!
Well the parsley looks good! In the background you’ll see two kinds of cabbage, and something else – we’re hoping it’s brussel sprouts.
Broccoli. Just for Patrick. I had no idea you get several heads off one plant – so this seems like a brilliant thing to put in a square foot garden.
And raspberries, from a plant Jacqui bought us at the Moss Street market. A bit wild, but look at those berries!


5 thoughts on “Square foot gardening – update

  1. Your garden looks amazing Jenny! Watch the raspberries – they put out suckers which come up all over the place! May be ok contained in a box though.

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for the tip. We planted it right down by the back fence where it can compete with the bamboo coming through from next door. It seems to like it next to the compost pile!

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