Not in Kansas (Victoria) anymore

After much umming and ahhing about what to do with our week of summer holidays – road trip or not – we decided to spend our time in Seattle. Even though we’ve been here a bunch of times before, there are things we’ve never had time to do, like visit the Museum of Flight, take the underground tour, and ride the ducks.

Yesterday was our first day here. We started our day, focused on food (what’s new? you say), with a visit to Whole Foods. We had guacamole, chicken, coleslaw, and fresh raspberries for lunch, sitting outside, watching the world, and a Ferrari go by.


Next up was a visit to the Center for Wooden Boats where they were having Home Built Boats weekend.


A stop for our first iced americano.


Then Gasworks Park, where we sat and did nothing but watch the kites for a couple of hours.


Then back to Whole Foods for dinner.



3 thoughts on “Not in Kansas (Victoria) anymore

  1. Wow – an actual holiday away!! Well done. Can Patrick pick me up a SKF bb from Jan H – 121 mm 1or 22 mm?

    I hope you are having a relaxing time, you deserve it.

    Cheers Lee

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