Museum of Flight


On Sunday we went to the Museum of Flight. Every time we’ve driven down the 5 freeway past the Boeing airfield Patrick has pointed at the sign and said we must go there some time.

It was bigger than we imagined, and three hours was barely enough time to see everything. Planes ranged from a replica of the Wright Flyer, World War I and II machines, modern stealth bombers, an Air Force One from Kennedy and Nixon’s era, and a Concorde.

I enjoyed sitting in the mocked up control tower with views of the runways, listening to the radio feed from the actual control tower at Boeing field and watching the biplanes and new 787 landing and taking off. Patrick was fascinated by the Gossamer Albatross, a pedal powered plane that was flown across the English Channel.


4 thoughts on “Museum of Flight

  1. it’s a good feeling to go somewhere you have had on the ‘bucket list’ and really enjoy it. I remember the Gossamer flight accross the English Channel at the time we were amazed that it made it. It looked to be like glad wrap around a frame. Nice to know you are enjoying your time in Seattle.

  2. It looks awesome. We took LP to the Mandeville museum when we were visiting Gore and she loved it. There’s a replica of Bert Pither’s 1910 homemade plane. He was a racing cyclist and cycle manufacturer too! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and have a VERY happy birthday Jenny!

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